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About Vigilant
From Firehouse to Bookstore
Benefits of a Indie Bookstore

Old buildings have multiple lives, what they were built for, and what they became later, again and again. The Vigilant building had two major lives, and a third one now coming. 

The Firehouse Years  1891-1976

The Lost Years  1976-2018

Vigilant Bookshop  2018-to the future and beyond!

A number of studies have pointed out that local, independent businesses, such as Vigilant Books, keep a greater percentage of sales in the community than chain stores do. For every $100 spent in a locally-owned store, $73 keeps circulating in the local economy, whereas only $43 remains in the community when the same $100 is spent in national chains. And if $100 is spent online to an out-of-state retailer, zero dollars comes to Wheeling.  

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