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Vigilant Books will rent writer's hand-books for $2/week. Read below to find out why and how. We also provide information about publishing

I am a writer, having written five science books, two fictions, a monthly column for a national astronomy magazine (for 23 years), a daily blog about the Moon (11 years), and more than 200 scientific articles. But writing fiction is much harder even though I can invent every character, event and spoken word. 

I wrote a 50 page historical short story (Our Phillips House) about the 192 year old house we live in and its builder. Buoyed by the pleasure of that project I have written two historical mysteries set in Wheeling, Virginia in 1850 and 1853. The first, Wheeling 1850 was published in 2021, and the second, The Body in the Mound, will appear in April, 2023. I am half way through the third story, set in 1855, and plan on continuing through the Civil War when Wheeling was the capital of the new state of West Virginia. Momentous times, and lots of things to write about.

But my fiction books didn't find a publisher so I published as paperbacks with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publication, which I recommend. But you do have to promote your books personally if you want anyone to find them!

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Rent a Writing Book

Vigilant Books has 20ish books about writing and publishing for you to rent @ $2/week. If not returned undamaged within two weeks you will be the book's proud new owner (and will be charged the full replacement cost)!

Here are some of the books currently available and a view of the whole stack:

Writing Mysteries

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