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The effort to save the Vigilant Firehouse and convert it into a bookstore has been chronicled in a number of publications. We thank these authors and media for this publicity.

Spring, 2018: On the Shelf. InWheeling, p. 34. Stacy Sacco.


June 22, 2017: Wood Family Vigilant with Bookstore Project. Weelunk, Steve Novotney

June 4, 2017: Book Store, Coffee Shop Envisioned. Wheeling Intelligencer.


June 2, 2017: Vigilant Books and Coffee Continue to Give Back.  WTRF TV, Nick Conigliaro.

April, 2017: Vigilant Books. Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign

May 28, 2017: Awarding Local Businesses and Elevator Issues. Wheeling Intelligencer. 

May, 2017: Vigilant Books and Coffee, Bike Wheeling Win Show of Hands Wheeling Heritage.


Thanks! Have a great day

and read a good book!

Press Articles About Books & Bookstores

"Press" also refers to stories about other bookshops, books and the book business in general. I am interested in these, maybe you will be too.

Want To Read Others' Thoughts? Try Reading Literary Fiction

Reading literary fiction improves your ability to other read people's emotions than reading fiction does (do you know the difference?)

What Was Old Becomes New

Behind the desk of the used book buyer

Losing My Son to Reading

Books helped me gain independence. So it saddens me just a bit to see my son reading on his own.

How a Local Bookstore Can Make Your Town Richer - In More Ways Than One

How small bookshops become an intellectual and social focus for communities.

Guests Who Stay at This Scottish Apartment Take Turns Running the Bookshop Downstairs Behind the Desk of the Used Book Buyer

Many people dream of running a bookshop, and a few shops now let paying guests do it - and there are multi-year waiting lists! Should Vigilant do this too?

Shelf Life - Packing Up My Father-in-Law's Library

A New Yorker article questioning what a personal library really tell you about a man.

My Father’s Stack of Books

When he was a child, books were gifts. For his daughters, he made sure they were a given.

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